Inbound Logistics

Today’s automotive sector requires the most efficient flow of inbound materials through the supply chain in order to meet the stringent demands of the industry.

Spencer//Butcher Group is a non-asset-based inbound and outbound 3PL Materials Integration Solutions provider with over 80 years of experience. We provide a customized approach to supply chain solutions across a number of industrial sectors to position our customers for greater efficiencies, processes and production.



SpencerARL provides cost saving solutions to help you deliver products in the sequence your customers demand.

Our team of sequencing specialists become an extension of your workforce, freeing you to focus on core functions. Our process ensures your projects are error-free and arrive exactly when and where they are needed.

The correct part, in the correct order, delivered on time, to the correct location, is the essence of sequencing. Our system is engineered to the exact minute to provide the perfect execution. Our professional team ensures that all preventative measures are implemented prior to delivery. Our commitment to quality control ensures your products are accurate, complete and on-time.

Spencer ARL provides a Just-in-Time engineered solution and can act as your inventory control specialists, allowing for maximum efficiencies and productivity.

Our Services

        —   Sequencing

        —   CMA & Container Management

        —   Material Management

        —   Metering

        —   Repack

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Provide and outline a training process for all team leads, supervisors and managers to ensure an effective process start up.

Real-time performance reporting.

Efficiently set up your sub-assembly process
with support from our management team.

Error proofing, quality alerts and continuous improvement processes.

Lower cost alternative for customers with flexible approach.

Rapid start-up and easy transition from high cost incumbents

High quality and high productivity design.



We understand the speed and sensitivity required in today’s automotive sector and provide just-in-time sub-assembly solutions.

Our inbound logistics services are hands-on, especially when it comes to your products. At SpencerARL we know how essential a precise and streamlined assembly process is when it comes to components that are assembled to create a finished product.

At SpencerARL our experienced management team works closely with every customer to provide custom solutions to support their sequencing, sub-assembly and material management functions. Our warehouse management system and web based process management system provide confidence of on-time delivery and high build quality.

SpencerARL operations provide line-side delivery of components and assembled kits for final assembly.



We understand the impact a quality issue has on all levels within your organization.

With today’s standard of zero defects, containment is becoming critical for most manufacturing companies. When problems occur, we provide immediate solutions by offering inspection, sorting and rework services to help reduce costs and improve overall product quality and ultimately protecting your brand and improving customer satisfaction.

We become a trusted partner in helping our clients manage their quality issues by providing an accessible and experienced team that is available 24/7.



Rapid response, flexibility and commitment to identify and provide immediate solutions.

Quality inspection and rework management.

Travel teams available for deployment 24/7

Web-based containment system allows us to provide detailed real-time reports and information.

Work hand in hand with customers and suppliers to resolve quality related issues by providing real time information – 24/7 in the cloud and paperless system.

Client support with innovative and forward thinking solutions.

Provide low cost value added solutions.

Visual work instructions with iPads at work stations.

Help reduce costs, reduce downtime and improve overall product quality.